Peter David

I love the toward-set sunspill, slipped past silver, leaning into gold.

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Picasso Draws Three Things


Chad and Rachel: Engagement Photos

Spend a day with a Glazener and a proto-Glazener?  At the Tea House at Los Rios?  Yes, please.

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Rachel’s Recital Photos, Poster, & Postcard

Rachel’s senior recital is next month, and she graciously asked me to design her recital poster and postcard.  Things learned from this project: 1) Rachel is awesome. 2) Rachel is amazing. 3) Chad is a lucky bum.  Click past the break below to see some of the photos and the final designs.

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Anna’s Recital Photos

Anna’s junior recital is coming up, and she asked me to take the pictures for her poster. We ended up in La Mirada park, having more fun with the photo shoot than I could have hoped for. Here are some of the highlights…

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Hayden and Melissa Engagement Photos

I had the pleasure of going to a nearby park with the ever wonderful Hayden and Melissa to get some engagement photos taken. Here are two of my favorites…

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