Twenty | 7 August 2010

by Peter

With the help of the lovely Jane Reynolds and at the insistence of the incomparable Christy Giannestras Brown, I present a new Twenty.  Albeit a bit unseasonable, today’s featured painting is Primavera, by Botticelli.  This is the fifteenth Twenty.  You can find links to the previous fourteen here.

Twenty is a collection of apparently disparate images that have been thoughtfully selected to complement a great work of art (displayed first in the collection below).  Every individual image may be contemplated in conjunction with the original one (as a diptych), by itself (as a distinct work of art), or the collection may be experienced as a single unit (as a visual poem, if you will).  All images link to their source and are either public domain or copyright that source.  Any image that is not so linked is my own.