Three Collaborative Poems!

by Peter


Rules:  One line per person until all persons have contributed a line.

Participants: David Gross, Emily Gross, Peter Gross (& Co.)

Circa 199? (maybe 200?)

Location: Mono Hot Springs.

Illustrations: Peter Gross


Table of Contents

Mosquitoes___________________________________p. 1

Bored _______________________________________p. 1

Vulture Gourmet _______________________________p. 1



‘Skeeters bother me tonight.

When they bite me it gives me quite a fright.

I wish they’d get away.

They buzz and bite my face each day.

I need some ointment on my nose

For the bump upon it grows.

The ‘skeeter didn’t survive its attack

For I hit it right back with a smack

And now that ‘skeeter is smushed.




I am bored

So here I sit,

Writing lines just like a twit.

I know I oughta get a life–

At least according to my wife.

But I am bored,

And she’s ignored.

I’ve scraped all the scum from between my toes,

I’ve picked all the boogers from my nose,

So write I must,

For I’m out of crust.

But as I write, my crust grows back

And then I’ll have another snack.




Rabbits hopping ‘cross the road,

Perhaps a flattened, short-eared toad.


Roadside Cafe!

Chef Towtruck serves

Our hors d’oeuvres,

And at the Vulture Coffee Shop,

Truck-tread Tea with cream to top!

And now our meal is complete.

We’ve had quite enough to eat

Of glorious, juicy, rotten meat.