Torrey Academy Banquet Opening Prayer

by Peter


You are the source, sustenance, and goal of all things.  You are the wellspring of life and the true light that enlightens men.

But Father, we live among shadows and have grown accustomed to shadows.  Dogged by fears and driven by desire, we often prefer the safety of a self-made world to the sharp, bright edges of reality.

And yet we pray, “Thy kingdom come.”  You who play in ten thousand places, play more perfectly in us.  Remake, oh Lord, your world that we have wrecked.  Maranatha.

This here now is a little picture of the day of the full establishment of your kingdom.  We are delighting in the relief of completion and marking a new stage with a feast.  How we long for your final feast!

Father, we thank you for the lights you have already lit for us, here among the shadows.  We thank you for godly men and women gone before us, for discussion and laughter, and for the present, pleasure-full food.  As we accept this good sustenance, help us to remember our debt to you, the needs of countless others, and help us delight in your joy.

Lord, we love you.  Help us to love you more.