Rachel’s Recital Photos, Poster, & Postcard

by Peter

Rachel’s senior recital is next month, and she graciously asked me to design her recital poster and postcard.  Things learned from this project: 1) Rachel is awesome. 2) Rachel is amazing. 3) Chad is a lucky bum.  Click past the break below to see some of the photos and the final designs.

And now, for the poster and postcard.  We hoped to express two main ideas with them.  First, since Rachel’s six pieces are all extraordinarily varied in most respects, but united by a touch of melancholy, we wanted the image to balance disparity and unity in a similar way.  We also wanted a balance of inaccessibility and intimacy.  The viewer was to feel both privy to and distanced from the main subject of the image.  You can see the results below.