The Great Reformation

by Peter

I came to the important and mind-searingly simple realization that in order for this blog to be anything like a success, I would have to allow myself to be much more pithy than I tend to want to be as I’m writing for it. Perhaps the pretentiousness of monikering (I know… it’s not supposed to be a verb. I like it that way.) this site in such a way that every post ought to be a “minor literary work” had gotten into my head a little too deeply. I really felt like in order to put anything up, I would really have to put Something up. Every post, an illumination. Every thought, an invention. This was the space for the minor aristocracy of my mental hierarchy.

But today I decided that my blog needed a little bit of democratization; an egalitarian movement; genuine self-revealing, entertaining pithiness.

So I sat down and thought, “Pithy. Pithy, pithy, pithy. What’s pithy?” and tapped my computer’s keys impotently. It was really rather pathetic.

“Pithy. Pithy. Pith helmets. No. Not pith helmets. Why am I thinking of pith helmets? Ah, Peter, because ‘pith’ is in ‘pithy.’ Thank you, Peter, I was aware of that.”

This could take a little while to get used to.

And then, in exasperation, I decided to write this in the hope that a self-referential picture of my impotence to pith (also not supposed to be a verb) might itself count as pithy in a sort of strange, simultaneously self-defeating and self-empowering way. But I fear it may have simply turned into a stream of consciousness, self-centered scree bank on the slope of the Mountain of Posts useful only in illuminating me and not doing a very good job at that. What would it have illuminated? That I might find both pith and pithy on a Boggle board?

It seems to be something of a challenge to blog with a proper balance between posting in a starched-collar style and letting it all hang figuratively loose. Challenges, however, are meant to be met. Therefore, I proceed to articulate the foremost policy point of Iterant Opuscule’s Reformation Party: That no post whose final articulation and refinement has been fermenting in the draft bin shall be allowed for that reason to effectively freeze and liquidate the general liveliness of the Blog.

So let it be written; so let it be done.