Moving on

by Peter

My next sentiments post is not getting anywhere currently, and in light of that, I’ve decided to begin posting again on other topics rather than waiting for a project that looks like it will take a little longer in the making than I had anticipated. Unless I hear cries of horror and petitions for a renewed effort in that direction, therefore, I shall consider this blog debogged from the mire of that series.

In the meantime, I offer you these succinct scrap paper scribblings I’ve unearthed from the miscellaneous writing I worked on over the past year or two. It’s interesting and somewhat humorous to see which thoughts I considered most worthy of being scrawled out. There’s no method to the madness, at least no intentional method, so don’t spend much time looking for connections. I simply picked out the shortest and most stylistically correct blurbs I could find. It’s like eating jelly beans… small, and you’re not sure which flavor is coming next. Enjoy!


Lovingly lead me to be enamored of Love. Of Thyself reform my self, great Shaper above.

Chaos, in order to be truly chaotic, cannot be the opposite of order, because to be an opposite is to be ordered. Chaos, if it is truly to exist, must somehow consumptively contain order.

False civility is better than anarchy. It is true that rampant politeness can be a sign of stagnation and unrelateability but it is also a sign of civilization. The solution to the problem of false civility, therefore, is not to be rid of manners, but to become relational within them. Manners are effectively socially legislated kindness.

Why does empire produce the most beauty? Why can’t free men produce the same glories that slaves do?

Flights have such a great potential for life. I am higher than Babel in an economy class throne! I vie with Bellerophon’s godlike flights!

It seems like children who are told “no” too much end up being unable to hear rebuke, and children who are told “yes” too much hear and understand it too little.

The best order is in motion, and the worst disorder is in stagnation.

Inhibition is not self-control in the same way that bondage is not independence.

The dichotomy between loving a person and loving their effects or accidents is a disturbing one. The difference between “I love you” and “I love you for your…” is the same as that between and poet or a mother and a pirate or a mercenary.