Definition of a Christian

by Peter

This is not one of the promised three sentiment posts; it is an interjection. For better or for worse, I am one of those who is plagued with a curiosity about the definitions of things, and last night, I was playing with “Christian.” This is what came to me:

To be a Christian is to be in communion with the God who revealed Himself through the Bible in the context of the Church striving toward personal and universal salvation.

The biggest hole in it is an explanation of what “personal and universal salvation” is. I’m working on it. For now, the former may be thought of as holiness, while the latter may be thought of as the kingdom of God (or something along those lines).

I have elaborated on this post here and offer a different look at the subject here. The former link leads you to a close explication of this wording. The latter link leads you to my ultimate thoughts about the project generally.