It Occurred to Me…

by Peter

Most of our thoughts “occur to us” rather than being constructed by us. That is to say, we do not generally have an active role in the formulation of the epiphanies, theories, postulates, and ponderings that show up in our minds. At least, I don’t. Yet, if we do not construct some of our thoughts, then from whence cometh they? I can think of three possible answers:

1. It’s possible to say that their construction goes on subconsciously.

2. It’s also possible to say that thoughts are given to us.

3. And it’s a yet further possibility to say that thoughts are things in themselves that our minds somehow perceive, like our eyes do with color.

And there may be however many more explanations as well. Even with just these, I don’t know how to pick between the three. At the very least, the realization that even my thoughts are not my own (I can hardy call the subconscious me) should lead me to greater humility, but what more can I say?